About Me


Laura Stanley Designs is a small independent business that started out of a love for illustration and wildlife.

I have always had a love for painting and drawing from a young age, art was always my favourite subject at school. So after finishing my degree in Textile Design, I decided to start selling my illustrations in the form of cards on Etsy. It was at university where I discovered gouache paint and found my new favourite media to work in. Now, most of my illustrations are brought to life using gouache, or watercolours. I then scan the drawing into the computer and assemble the design digitally.

Most of my products are made in my studio by the sea in East Sussex. The ones that I can’t create myself I outsource from British company’s. I also offer the option of personalising our products, which gives an extra personal touch to a gift or card.

I would love for you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Where you can find more about new illustrations and products.